items for 01.04.2008

January 4, 2008
  • Dominion Enterprises up for sale? – Welcome to Vendor Alley
    Landmark Communications is the parent company of Dominion Enterprises. Dominion Enterprises owns eNeighborhoods, Advanced Access, Homes.com and the Harmon Homes magazine.
  • slapdash – Bill de hOra
    Reg Braithwaite: “What I admire about professions like Engineering and Medicine. In short, their Code of Ethics. Try this: Employ an Engineer. Ask her to slap together a bridge. The answer will be no. You cannot badger her with talk of how you hold the Gold, therefore you make The Rules. You cannot cajole her with talk of how the department needs to make its numbers, and that means getting construction done by the end of the quarter.”
  • For $5 Million You Can Buy Enough Storage to Compete with Google – High Scalability – Building bigger, faster, more reliable websites
    Kevin Burton calculates that Blekko, one of the barbarian hoard storming Google’s search fortress, would need to spend $5 million just to buy enough weapons, er storage. Kevin estimates storing a deep crawl of the internet would take about 5 petabytes. At a projected $1 million per petabyte that’s a paltry $5 million. Less than expected.
  • Cold snap causes iguanas to fall out of trees
    Awesome headline! It was cold here in SoFla this week.
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