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April 7, 2008
  • How EC2 changes the game in batch grid computing – RightScale Blog
    Enter Amazon EC2. If user A enqueues a job needing 500 nodes for 10 hours and user B a job needing 800 nodes for 5 hours what do you do? Very simple: you check the balance in their account and then start 500 instances for user A and 800 instances for user B. Done. No priorities, no scheduling, just pure compute fun!
    One of us (Ed) observed: the resource that is “allocated” in the finite computer center is the use of hardware, but the resource that is “managed” in a Cloud is cost. It is a new mind set that 1 computer for 100 hours has the same cost as 100 computers for 1 hour. Of course there are details such as start up costs for large numbers of nodes and ensuring that each billed instance hour is fully used. But those details are a small leap when compared to the issue of understanding that 1=100.
  • Source: Google To Launch BigTable As Web Service – TechCrunch
    Google may be releasing BigTable, its internal database system, as a web service to compete with Amazon SimpleDB, according to a source with knowledge of the launch. There are also rumors that press is being pre-briefed on the product, although we haven’t been contacted by Google.
    BigTable is a highly scalable database system used internally by Google to support over 60 of its products and projects. A source says Google has plans to announce next week that it will make BigTable available to outside developers as a service. Amazon provides a similar service through SimpleDB, a cloud database solution announced in December.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog entry on the batch processing in EC2. Amazon just announced storage volumes for EC2 which makes batch processing even more interesting on EC2. I wrote about how it changes the game at http://blog.rightscale.com/2008/04/13/
    The Amazon folks are on a roll!

    With the addition of the storage volumes there’s no doubt in my mind anymore: the cloud adopters will have much more computing horsepower and flexibility at their fingertips than those who are still racking their own machines. Cloud computing is going to be as significant for deployment as agile is for software development. You either compute in the cloud or you’ll be left behind by your competitors because they can deploy faster, better, and cheaper than you can.

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