items for 05.24.2008

May 23, 2008
  • Great quote for the industry… – Welcome to Vendor Alley
    Chandler Barton (president and CEO of CB when purchased by HFS) once said, “People have this business backwards. You need to cut expenses when the market is good because don’t need to spend the money, and you grow market share when the market is bad. So when the cycle turns, which it inevitably will, you’ve got a larger share”.


  • How “Why Startups Fail” Fails – Signal vs. Noise
    David Feinleib at Mohr Davidow Ventures pens a piece called, “Why Startups Fail.” Here are his four reasons with my thoughts below.


  • DimP – A Direct Manipulation Video Player – TechCrunch
    DimP, a direct manipulation video player, lets users drag items on the video screen to move forward and back instead of just via a scroll bar on the bottom of the video.

    Holy smokes people are smart. This is sooooooooo cool – how the heck did they figure that out.

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