items for 07.11.2008

July 11, 2008
  • Mapstraction – map abstraction API for Javascript – Hackszine.com
    Mapstraction is an abstracted Javascript mapping API that can make use of Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Yahoo Maps and Mapquest. Instead of deciding on a particular mapping provider, you can build your web application with Mapstraction and easily switch to a different service by changing a single line of code.
  • Browse Del.icio.us Bookmarks Visually With FavThumbs – TechCrunch
    FavThumbs offers a visually-pleasing web application to view screen shots of your bookmarks using the del.icio.us API.

    Not so interested in the app itself, but in the fact that clear, published, open API’s make it so easy to add value around a great service.

  • When Distraction is Good – O’Reilly Radar – Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies
    Distraction is getting a bad name. This past month, I’ve been heads down on a few projects and noticing something I’d not been very conscious of before now. When I get “stuck” or when I reach a natural break point on a piece of work, the menu of potential distractions includes everything from email and telephone calls to getting food, socializing and more.I did an informal audit. Sometimes I would check email. Other times, I would pace, get a glass of iced-tea, or walk outside for a few minutes. When I did the latter — any activity that was quiet, reflective and receptive, I would feel refreshed. I was open to receiving an insight and to being in the moment. When I returned to the project that had momentarily stumped me, I would enjoy new energy. I started calling this receptive distraction. Receptive distraction is any sort of distraction that creates mental space.

    When I went to email, however, I would “spin out.” That is, I would completely lose track of what I had been working on and get immersed in all sorts of other issues. I started calling this deceptive distraction. I thought I could take a short break and crank out a few emails, but it took longer to do the emails than I thought, and longer to get back into my project afterward.

  • Scaling on EC2 – WebMynd Blog
    Interesting post about how WebMynd is scaling quickly using EC2, Solr, and nginx.
    (tags: ec2 scalability architecture solr)

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